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Escorts Service in delhi

That’s what I would like to describe myself, Pari Navalkar, a cool engineering student who works as independent Delhi Escort Services to fulfil my materialistic needs.

Like a fairy, I have a gentle and affectionate nature that bring smile on people faces wherever she goes. If you are down, depressed for professional as well as personal reasons, then I am the right girl for you who will bring back smile on your sad face through my caring nature and tender love making in night.

I am a tomboyish and love playing pranks with boys, since my parents belong to humble background, I decided to support myself by being an Delhi Escorts. I love attention of men when they pamper me with gifts, expensive clothes and give gentle kisses from top to bottom in night making me a complete woman.

I look girl next door, sweet innocent girl whom you would like to introduce to your parents for marriage. But more innocent I look more I am wild cat in bed who will scratch your back when you insert your organ inside me. I am fair, have normal height of 5.6 and prefer wearing Salwar Kameez or Saree on first meeting.

I am a strict teetotaller and prefer my client to not to smoke and drink while dating me. That’s the most important rule of booking my Gurgaon Escort. Smoking and drinking annoys me a lot since it really leaves a rotten smell in my mouth when you kiss me or make love to me in bed. I keep myself fit through playing sports; I am a basket ball champion, also play squash, badminton to maintain my well toned body.

Being in company of boys, I know how much pressure men face from society as well as parents to achieve something in life. First it is marks, then good job, then good position, it’s a never ending competition for men and if they are not able to achieve they are considered losers. That’s why you see so many men depressed, unhappy and in some cases they commit suicide too.

As a female escort in delhi, I try to bring back smile on their faces through flirting; hanging out in delhi and making sweet love in night to take them away from this selfish world, no matter it is for few hours. Indian men condition is so worse that most of time they start crying like a baby since no one has shown them so much affection apart from their mother.

As a call girl in delhi, I feel like I am doing a great service to this human world by spreading love and kindness where ever I go. I don’t know whether I will have a successful career or not, successful marriage or not, but one thing is sure that where ever I will go, I will always be remembered as kind, gentle delhi escort who spread smile wherever she goes. That’s what I would like to be known as throughout my life.

If you are down, dejected, have suicidal thoughts, just call me or mail me and see wonderful things happening in your life.

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